Bähr finger weeder - progress in viticulture technology

Tillage in the under-vine area

BÄHR finger weeder in action

Bähr - developer and producer of the finger weeder

  • Available in four different sizes

    The BÄHR finger weeder is available in three sizes: 520mm, 620mm and 920mm diameter Optionally in two degrees of hardness. It has a stepless inclination adjustment and stable storage from our own production.

  • Robust and stable construction

    The BÄHR finger weeder has a robust and stable construction and can be attached to adjustable frames, mulchers, cultivator frames, etc. Line width + 14cm = working width = machine width

  • A real challenge

    Tilling the soil under vines and fruit trees is a real challenge. The adjustable finger weeder was specially developed for viticulture and fruit growing.

  • Elastic fingers work neatly

    Greater adjustment options thanks to the tall finger shape. The elastic fingers work around the vine and the dam under the vine is immediately levelled again.

  • Finger weeder - ideal addition

    In combination with the rotary hoe from BÄHR Weinbautechnik, two work steps are combined in one go. The finger weeder is an ideal addition to the undergrowth rotary hoe for tillage in vineyards.

Finger weeder individually or in combination with the rotary hoe

Driving speed approx. 6-12 km/h
stepless angle adjustment and side tilt
Can be used individually or in combination with a rotary hoe
hydraulic three-point adjustment frame
1.40 – 2.60 m working width
use on both sides possible
The formation of a longitudinal ditch is prevented with a finger weeder
levelled fine crumbly area under the vines

Overview of the advantages

Robust and stable construction
High finger shape means greater adjustment options
The dam under the vine is levelled
The elastic fingers work directly around the vine
Possibilities for mounting on adjustable frames, mulchers, cultivator frames and much more
Line width + 14cm = working width = machine width
  • Front attachment

    Suitable for every tractor model
    Optimal view of the front
    Can be attached to the three-point front hydraulics

  • Intermediate cultivation

    Optimal force distribution and stability
    Space-saving solution in the inter-axle area

  • Rear attachment

    Can be attached to any tractor
    Mobile with a roller weeder or finger weeder as well as in combination

BÄHR - clean around the vine

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